About Us

Originally hailing from across the ditch, New Zealand. I arrived in Australia as a 20-year-old uni drop out for my much dreamed of Outback adventure. I worked as a Jillaroo, then spent 20 years as a Wool-classer. My love for the region ran deep. I was hooked.  Meeting my Aussie husband may have had a wee bit to do with me staying as well! Eventually, I hung up my stencil and accepted a position with the local Council in Community development.

This afforded me the opportunity to work across the community, arts, tourism and economic development sectors. My flair for grant writing and project development led me into the management and delivery of large construction and development projects. Over the last decade I have been able to hone my skills. I have nurtured extensive networks. As well as successfully secure over $20 million for the region.

I returned to university externally and completed a Bachelor of Business specialising in marketing. During this period I purchased Tambo Teddies with my business partner.  With fresh ideas and my ever increasing thirst for a challenge, we have managed to grow the iconic Tambo Teddies business and raise the profile of Tambo.  Who would have imagined that a Tambo Teddy would find its way into the Royal family?

After receiving a steady stream of requests for grant writing, I figured it was time for another challenge. In 2019 I officially created my new business The Right Grant. Drawing on my ability, life experience and knowledge of the funding space; I’m able to match projects to the right fund and secure the funds for my clients. I never get tired of playing my part in helping businesses and organisations grow.

Alison Shaw, principal and founder of The Right Grant.